I help students write a college essay that is the strongest part of their college application.

Most students struggle with writing the college essay. Writing a college essay is not like writing a paper for English class. Rather, it’s a personal statement that captures who a student is and why they should be considered for admissions to a college. It should be compelling, interesting, and deeply personal. Although only 650 words, to write a college essay of this magnitude, students often need to know the methods that have been proven to work in writing a college essay that impresses admissions officers.

It’s a common misstep for students to wait until the school year to start writing the college essay. Summer is the perfect time to get this crucial part of the application done -- where there are no class readings, quizzes, and other papers to distract.

The College Essay Writer's Lab

In the College Essay Writer’s Lab, we provide college essay help that addresses all the components of writing a compelling and effective college essay. Students will go through a series of mini-lessons that review topic development, rhetorical and stylistic techniques, consider audience and voice, and practice critical thinking skills. After students have learned techniques, they will examine sample college essays that have worked, and use these learnings to draft their own college essays that leave admissions officers wanting to fight for the student’s acceptance.

By the end of the college essay writing lab, your student will have a completed general college essay and be prepared to draft any supplemental college essays that are needed for college applications.


2019 Session dates are:
  • Monday, July 8 to Wednesday, July 10, from 9 AM to 4 PM daily.
  • Monday, August 12 to Wednesday, August 14, from 9 AM to 4 PM daily.

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