College Admissions News | January 2019

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This month, I have rounded up college admissions articles that are worth checking out.

  1. Does where you go to college matter?

    This question, I have been asked countless times. Having earned my college degree from the University of Chicago, I should say “yes, it matters.” At Chicago, I read the great books. I took classes taught by brilliant thinkers and studied with classmates who are now CEOs and founders. Regardless, my gut response is still “No. You should go to the college where you will be happiest.”

    But research published last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research has shown, where you go to college can influence your earnings if you are a woman. Economists at the University of Virginia and Tulane University found that women who attended an elite college earned 14% more than their counterparts who attended lesser selective colleges. For men, there was no difference in earnings.

  2. 2018 Early Admissions Trends and Concerns

    Inside HigherEd says that the Population of Early Decision Continues to Grow. In 2018, a record number of students last fall applied ED. Other key article takeaways: (1) highly selective colleges had lower acceptance rates, but it’s still easier to get in if you apply ED; (2) In ED, wealthier students have an unfair advantage over low-income students; and (3) low-income, high performing students can apply to selective schools via Questbridge to get full college funding in the early application round.

  3. Hardest Colleges to Get into in 2019

    Niche published a list of the hardest colleges to get into this year. The schools were ranked based on test scores and acceptance rates, weighted at 40% and 60% respectively. The most difficult school to get into, Harvard University, has the highest SAT scores (1430-1600) and lowest acceptance rate (5%).

  4. There’s still time to apply to college.

    Hundreds of U.S. colleges have not set an admissions deadline. As soon as you submit your application, you’ll get a decision. It may only take a day, week, or month to find out. It varies by college. Check out this US News and World Reports article for tips on rolling admissions.

It’s your turn. Have you heard any college news worth sharing? Comment below.

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