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by Mary Brito | Last Updated: September 9, 2022

Important Note: The purpose of this detailed listing is to help you plan your scholarship search throughout the year. Please find information below about scholarships for Delaware students. Some of the deadlines may be from prior years. Scholarship deadlines are cyclical, so even if a deadline has passed, the website will likely be updated for the 2022-23 cycle. Be sure to reach out to the sponsor or check sponsor websites for the most recent details.


This offers $10,000 to ten eligible students who are seeking a career in agriculture. Applicants must submit essays that explain their passion and interest in the field of agriculture. The deadline is January 7th. More details here.

This offers $1,000  per year for graduating high school seniors who are seeking a degree in education. Applicants must major in education and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Recommendation letters and SAT scores must also be submitted. The deadline to apply is January 27th. Apply here.  

This honors Weinberg and assist the children of DSEA members in attending college. Recipients receive $1,000 per year for four years to help them pursue a degree of their choice. They must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in order to remain eligible for the scholarship. The deadline to apply is January 27th. Learn more here. 


This offers a $1,000 scholarship to high school students who are seeking further education after graduating and are registered with USA Hockey. Applicants must submit a 500 word essay paired with various academic documents.  The deadline to apply is February 1st. Learn more here.

This awards students who live in the eligible states grants between $5,000-$7,000. Applicants must demonstrate financial need  and spiritual values. Students and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. The deadline is February 1st. More details here


This awards senior high school and 1st/2nd year college students with multiple scholarship opportunities. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and academic work ethic. The deadline is February 6th. Apply here.

This awards children of Simon Property Group employees $3,000 in financial support. Applicants must be younger than 24 and a dependent of an employee who has been employed for at least a year. The deadline is February 15th. Learn more here. 

This offers Delaware students various amounts of financial aid for college fees. Applicants must apply after filing their FAFSA application to be considered eligible. Rewards are renewable for three years as long as 3.0 GPA is maintained. The due date to apply is February 24th. More details here. 

This awards $1,250 per year to students that live in Delaware. Applicants must have a SAT score of 1290 and are pursuing an undergraduate degree. Rewards are renewable if 3.0 GPA is maintained. The deadline is February 24th. More details here. 

This awards full tuition scholarships to Delaware students. Applicants must be attending Delaware State University, have a SAT score of 1000 and file their FAFSA application to be considered eligible. The reward is renewable for three if GPA requirements are met. The deadline is February 24th. Learn more here. 


This awards full tuition coverage to students enrolling at Delaware State University after graduating high school. Applicants must have graduated from a Delaware high school and will be notified of their eligibility when they apply to FAFSA. The deadline is March 15th. Learn more here.



This awards numerous scholarships opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate scholars seeking financial support. Awards range from $2,000-$5,000. The deadline to apply is April 3rd. More information here.

This awards $1,000 scholarships to eligible senior high school students in Virginia, Delaware and Maryland. Applicants eligibility will be judged based on financial need, personal essays and academic success. The deadline is April 7th. Learn more here.

This provides high school seniors $1,000 in financial support. Applicants must be pursuing a degree related to Food and Nutrition to be considered eligible. A letter of recommendation and letter of college acceptance must be submitted as well. The deadline is April 10th. Apply here. 

This awards $1,000 to Delaware students who are seeking careers related to librarianship and/or writing. Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation and an essay detailing their interests in the librarian field of work. The application deadline is April 1st. More details here.

This awards Delaware students financial aid. First place recipients will be given $2,500 while second place will receive $1,500. Applicants must major in engineering or environmental science, display financial need and file their FAFSA application to be considered eligible. The deadline is April 30th. More information here.


This awards senior high school students residing in the listed counties in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania up to $2,000 in financial support. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 and plan to enroll at a 2-4 year college. The deadline is May 5th. More info here.


This offers students that have played a crucial role in community service financial aid at a total value of $20,000. Applicants must have volunteered at least 20 hours with the Zakat Foundation, completed high school and are applying to a post-secondary institution. The deadline is May 10th. Learn more here. 

This awards Delaware students who are the children of veterans that died or were imprisoned in the line of duty. Applicants must be directly related and under the age of 25 to be considered eligible. The deadline is 6-8 weeks before the beginning of college courses. The deadline is May 15th.  More information here.


This offers American students of Korean descent awards between $500-$5,000. Applicants must be enrolled full time in an undergraduate, graduate, or high school program and demonstrate financial need. The deadline is June 30th. Learn more here.



This scholarship is for up to $2,000 and is for high school senior of Caribbean descent planning to attend a university/college. The deadline is July 31st. Read more here.

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This awards an out of state student up to $11,000 in financial  support for classes, tuition, and other college expenses. Applicants must demonstrate high academic performance to be considered eligible. The deadline is November 1st. Read more here.


This offers students seeking higher education related to plumbing, heating, cooling, or industrial piping (PHCP) and pipes, valves, or fittings (PVF). Applicants may qualify for awards up to $3,000 if they enrolled/enrolling as a full time student. The deadline is December 9th. Learn more here.

This offers scholarships to minority students who live in New Castle County, Delaware. Applicants must be accepted by Wilmington University and graduating/graduated from highschool. A GPA of 3.0 is also required. The deadline to mail in the application is December 31st. More details here.


This awards $1,920 to minority Delaware students that are under-represented. Applicants must be enrolling at a Delaware college and pursuing a degree in education. African-American females are encouraged to apply. The deadline is December 31st. More information here.  


Deadline's Vary

This awards up to $7,000 per academic year to students enrolled in Penn State University. Applicants must reside in one of the eligible, listed states and be incoming freshman or transfers. Applying is unnecessary as students are automatically considered when applying to the school. Consideration will be given to individuals who have filed their FAFSA first. Learn more here.

This awards students seeking post-college education related to Jewish religious studies. Applicants must be attending studies in Jewish communal service, Jewish education, Jewish studies, Cantorial or Rabbinical degrees. Community involvement and academic success will be taken into consideration. Deadlines vary. Learn more here.


This offers partial payment of student loans for individuals enrolling in service up to 15%. Applicants must enlist for at least six years, have attained high school diploma and qualify for specific military occupations.The deadline may vary. More information here.

This awards scholarships to students that live in Newark, Delaware and are seeking post-secondary education. Applicants must demonstrate Academic success and financial need. SAT scores and a written essay must be submitted as well. The deadline to apply is undecided currently. Learn more here.

This awards scholarships of varying amounts to students residing in all states except Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Scholarship selection is competitive. The deadline varies. More information here.


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