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Early Decision NYU

When to Apply Early Decision: NYU

By Bethany Goldszer | Jul 3, 2020

The college application season begins in early fall. For the majority of schools, application due dates can vary from October 15th to February 1. The Early Decision NYU due date, for example, is November 15. For other colleges, when your application will be due depends on the admissions cycle you select.  NYU has three types […]

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How to Organize College Applications

By Bethany Goldszer | Jun 29, 2020

When it comes to preparing for college applications, first you want to make sure that you get organized. It does not matter if you have impressive grades and test scores. Or if you are super involved with extracurricular activities and your teachers speak about you with high regard. All of this means nothing if you do not have a process or timeline for submitting your college applications.

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get financial aid

How to Pay for College

By Bethany Goldszer | Jun 5, 2020

The costs of higher education are rising. According to a recent College Board survey, today’s college education costs approximately $24,061 for an in-state public college and $47,831 for a private college, up 3% since last year.Inadequate planning through the college financial aid process can bring the burden of unnecessary debt in the form of unsubsidized federal loans, private bank loans, or home equity lines of credit. In our years of working with middle- and upper-income families, we have learned that you can save as much as 50% off of tuition costs with proper planning.

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How to Ask for a College Recommendation Letter

By Bethany Goldszer | Jun 3, 2020

College recommendation letters are important in the college admissions process. The recommendation letter provides social proof or verification of the information you provide in your college application. Also, the college recommendation letter gives dimension to your high school academic record. A good recommendation letter can strengthen your application (it won’t be the sole reason a […]

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7 Summer Activities that Impress Colleges

By Bethany Goldszer | Jun 2, 2020

Summer is a great time to work on activities that will impress colleges. Don’t let your teen sit around and do nothing. Read about 7 things they can do, even while social distancing, to stay busy.

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writing a college essay

Writing a College Essay

By Bethany Goldszer | Jun 1, 2020

Writing a college essay is not like writing an English class essay. Rather, the college essay is a personal statement that captures who you are as a student and why you should be admitted into college. In about 650 words, the college essay should be well written and compelling, engaging, and deeply personal.

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Applying Test-Optional? Here’s How to Decide.

By Bethany Goldszer | May 31, 2020

As an increasing number of selective and highly selective colleges go test-optional, it shows that institutions are recognizing that it takes more than a score to show a student’s promise. But before deciding whether or not to submit your scores, consider the pros and cons of applying test-optional.

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stand out college application

7 Tips for Creating a Stand Out College Application

By Bethany Goldszer | May 29, 2020

Creating a stand out college application is important. Colleges receive thousands of applications every year. More than 80% of colleges accept half of the students who apply. The other 20% are selective schools that struggle to differentiate between students who have outstanding grades and test scores. Therefore, selective colleges will depend on you to help them decide. You can get an edge in admissions if you spend time early on showing them how you are an authentic and unique fit.

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7 Big Mistakes to Avoid When You Apply for Financial Aid

By Bethany Goldszer | Aug 7, 2019

The cost of a college education in the United States is rising. According to the College Board, it can cost your family $23,890 to send your student to an in-state public school, and $32,410 for a private school. To help American families with college costs, federal and state governments and colleges give more than $200 billion annually in financial aid. Your student can apply for financial aid to receive support to help meet the costs of obtaining a college education.

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